My favorite way of interacting with Siri is to say, “Hey Siri, what is this garbage?” She’ll tell you what song is playing.

You can also say, “Hey Siri, what the fuck is this?”

I’ve really been enjoying the Tom Bihn v4 mask. Super comfortable, and the ear strap adjustment is clever.

Trying to decide which festive holiday-themed beer you’d like to have is the best kind of dilemma.

The Supreme Court fucked up today. Bigly. Thanks, Trump voters.

Beside You In Time by Nine Inch Nails…

It’s taken all of 15 years, but I’ve finally developed a real appreciation for Nine Inch Nails’ With Teeth.

Air conditioner running on Thanksgiving Day is a good reminder that it’s still 2020.

Getting a little erratic here And I don’t know who to trust I guess they got a way of reading my mind I guess I got to adjust

  • Getting Smaller, Nine Inch Nails

My daughters have been playing Taylor Swift all morning, and one thing I can say definitively is that Taylor Swift struggles with the subjunctive tense.

My oldest kid is now learning-to-play-the-recorder years old.

Is there anything better than sleep?

That’s a trick question because no there isn’t anything better sleep is the best don’t argue

I keep forgetting that you can call people from the HomePod and that it makes a pretty good speakerphone.

Okay, I give up. Trying to use provision in a sentence is tough. All I can come up with are contrived sentences like: if you were traveling on foot across the US, what’s the one provision you would have to bring with you?

Maybe if people just keep posting, “Dam breaking?” over and over again, Trump will concede.

I’ve been looking for a new hobby lately, but so far nothing has managed to capture my attention. Everything feels like work.

After his disastrous handling of the BLM protests, I cannot believe that guy got re-elected.

Levar Stoney has some serious explaining to do about the last couple of white supremacist gatherings in Richmond that involved assholes carrying guns when that is specifically outlawed while the police did nothing. Fix this shit.

It’s like no one has ever heard the phrase “extenuating circumstances.”

I know, it has a bunch of syllables, so it’s tough for some folks, BUT STILL.

I sorely, SORELY underestimated how many people absolutely insist on physically gathering to celebrate the day we wiped out the natives with syphilis. Damn, y’all. It’s just a day. FaceTime your family and STFU.

So, will Biden have Trump’s border wall torn down? I’m hopeful. It’s hugely damaging to migratory patterns.

Last full haircut was January 27. I had a small trim last summer courtesy of my wife.

Hair’s long enough to put it in a pony tail now. 😬

We’re a month away from the winter solstice and so far the weather this year has been disappointing. It was 70° today.

🎶 Time is money and money’s time We wasted every second dime On diets, lawyers, shrinks and apps and flags and plastic surgery 🎵

Just read that Deadpool 3 is a go but they have no director.

TAIKA WAITITI! Do it, Marvel.