I would adopt Snowflake.

2,600 people died from COVID today and everyone’s like, “LOL could be worse!”

This country is sick.

I guess it says something about my age when I pull up a music video on YouTube and it’s preceded by an ad about ulcerative colitis.

Virtual school canceled due to possible ice-related power outages.


[checks emergency supplies]

Uh oh.

Noticed over the last month or so that the nerds I follow are starting to talk more about nerd things like computers and programming.

I wonder what happened! /s

LMAO at people watching the impeachment trial expecting a conviction.

You people have learned nothing.

Only one person looks good in aviators and that’s Tom Cruise. No exceptions.

The fact that they’re called “stimulus checks” tells you all you need to know about what our government really cares about.

They don’t care about you. They just want you to spend money to prop up the economy, which they care deeply about.

What if, instead of calling them stimulus checks, we called them something more appropriate?

How about “apology checks?”

“Sorry we screwed up the COVID response. Here’s some money.”

Virtual school tomorrow was just canceled because it snowed today.

I am very torn about this decision.

Every app should endeavor to be as visually pleasing as Carrot Weather 5. It’s just gorgeous.

If you had told younger-me who was at a Static-X concert back in 2000 that I’d be listening to their first album while doing dishes and waiting for my kids to finish eating, I would have called you fucking nuts.

Carrot Weather 5 is a fantastic example of what happens when you pay a programmer to continue updating their software. What an amazing update.

I just nuked my Home Screen on my iPhone and went all-in on the App Library.

This feels bad for some reason.

I miss live music.

Walked into my office and Fade to Black by Metallica was playing.

I didn’t do that. No one else did.

As the kids say, I ain’t mad at it, though.

I just imported 4.3 million rows from a CSV file into Postgres in under 30 seconds.

I don’t even care if it could be faster. Let me have this victory.

If you’re watching Josh Hawley and wondering, “WTF?” It’s pretty simple: he’s trying to pick up the reins that Trump just dropped. If he doesn’t run in 2024, I’ll be shocked.

24 hours.

It has been exactly one year since my last haircut.

First time in more than 15 years that my hair is long enough to put in a pony tail. Used one of my kid’s scrunchies. I cannot tell you how good it feels to have my hair off my neck.

Merino wool is a rip off do not @ me

I spent some time today reconnecting Day One to my blog and to Twitter after reading how @patrickrhone auto-journals. It works so well.

Neat. Late afternoon coffee now causes me heartburn.

Being over 40 is GLORIOUS.

‘Bout to have a cup of fully leaded coffee at 4:30 pm what could possibly go wrong