I’ve had to restart my phone multiple times per day since iOS 14 came out. That seems really kinda not great. 14.0.1 didn’t fix anything, either.

I will be attempting to install a few GFCI outlets in our 80+ year-old house this weekend.


A long distance move is great for keeping yourself from doomscrolling the news.

It’d be cool if the pandemic led to people putting away their cell phones at concerts when concerts are a thing again.

Just be there in the moment. Stop recording everything and actually experience something.

These are the future fascist paramilitary participants and their ushers. Take them seriously.


My oldest now refers to Sting as “Commissioner Gordon.”

Feels like a parenting win.

Jeff Van Drew switched from Dem to GOP. His opponent, Amy Kennedy, should pound his turncoat ass into the ground. Help her do so by donating: amykennedyforcongress.com

I just gave her $15. Anyone want to match me?

Elise Stefanik is, and always will be, human garbage.

Elise Stefanik is human garbage.

You can donate to her opponent, Tedra Cobb: www.tedracobb.com

Please do!


Kimberly Guilfoyle is a laughingstock.

On a long enough timeline, Hollywood-Batman is just going to start executing people for jaywalking.

More than 20 years later and I still can’t listen to Load by Metallica without serious consternation. Same for Reload. This is not the thrash metal I signed up for.

It’s like Taika Waititi did this. It doesn’t seem real.

Kris Kobach lost.


Eff that guy.

When this was filmed, 146,000 people had died.

Now, 156,000+ have died.

And he still calls it the 1917 flu. IT WAS 1918.

I’m watching the Axios interview.

Why. Why am I doing this.

Anyone who calls it the “Chinese virus” deserves to be locked in a portable toilet and set on fire.

(Stole that from George Carlin.)

Got my first pandemic haircut today. At home. From my wife. Looks good! I was developing a serious mullet.

Trump just pumped a company called Regeneron during his Covid press conference. Would love to see what their stock trades looked like yesterday. Probably same as Kodak’s. He made sure to say their name twice.

Can’t stop thinking about proportionality bias.


My eyes haven’t stopped watering for days because of allergies. I’ve never been hit like this before. Whatever is in my eyes looked at the prescription Zyrtec I took and laughed heartily before thumbing my eyes harder.

When I see things like this tweet, I can’t help but wonder if I should take my blog down. But that’s how they win, right? Silencing dissenting voices? But what do I gain by being a vocal dissenter?

I would walk over a bed of hot coals if it meant I could wake up tomorrow and go to a diner for breakfast.