I’ve lost track of how many Mastodon accounts I have. I think it’s 4.

Oh wait, it’s back.

Computers are fun.

I think the Mastodon instance I’ve been using has been shuttered without warning. Well, if there was warning, I didn’t get it.

Paging @mdhughesβ€”did cybre.space die?

Because the bad ones taste terrible.

Walking Dead S10E01 why am I still watching this show JFC

Instagram’s dark mode is…not good.

Reboot solved it. Bonus: my dev environment wasn’t totally destroyed. Hooray!

Checked my computer this morning. It was stuck on the “estimating time remaining” screen.

I have made a terrible mistake.

I kicked off the Catalina upgrade and walked away.

So long, MacBook Pro. Nice knowing you.

Nine Inch Nails’ The Fragile had its 20 year anniversary last month. Putting it on repeat today.

Cuh-razy lightning off in the distance. πŸ₯³

I thought I had escaped the bugs in iPadOS somehow, but they all presented themselves the first time I used my iPad without the Smart Keyboard. JFC, Apple, what gives?

I find it very disturbing that the clocks on my iOS devices and my Mac are not in sync. My Mac is about 20 seconds behind even though all the devices are configured to use NTP servers.

Feels good to switch this on.

The cauliflower wings are vegan. Even substituted agave for the honey it called for.

I have no real reason to try vegan wings. Just…I dunno…seemed interesting…?

I wanna live in this cabin.

Attempting to make cauliflower buffalo wings.

I have frozen veggie chicken nuggets as a backup just in case this is terrible.

Welp, time for lunch!

Micro.blog app’s dark mode is chef kiss.

Well, I’m a big fat liar.


RIP Sid Haig. What a bummer.

I have 26 GB free on my Mac, but I can’t install Xcode because I don’t have enough free space. The installer is 7.6 GB, which–I guess–could expand to over 26 GB, but also WTF why is it so big?

I misspelled CircleCI and I’m leaving it that way, dammit.

The beta CirclrCI UI is pretty. I dig it. Much faster than the previous version.

I will not be touching any software updates until Catalina ships. 🐜 πŸ›