Yellowbird’s ghost pepper sauce has become my new go-to for just about everything. It’s sriracha-style, so it’s on the thick side. So, so good.

I miss staying in hotels.

My kid found an anime show on Netflix and now it’s her favorite thing ever. She’s been trending toward anime for a while. Stoked to see her getting into it on her own.

When Bill Murray eventually dies, I’m probably gonna need a couple days off work.

Chris Cillizza writes like a white male high school journalism student—awful prose, thinks he’s clever, and no one has ever told him he’s an imbecile.

Switched Drafts to a monospace font and enabled the vivid dark theme, dropped the font size to 15 pts, and upped the line height to 1.4 pts. SO MUCH BETTER. Dunno why I didn’t do this sooner.

These SCOTUS hearings are nonsense. The decision has already been made. Might as well skip the partisan screaming matches and confirm her already. If Kavanaugh made it through, this woman should literally waltz to the finish line. 😡🤬

AirPods spatial audio is bonkers. Like really really bonkers. I love it.

When you order pizza from a Van Halen-theme restaurant, you listen to Van Halen. That’s just the rules.

Love too get shouted at by my kindergartener because I’m on a call and she can’t hear her class.

People went into tonight’s debate expecting Pence to actually answer a single damned question.


The little gray imprint left on your hand when you smack a mosquito is oddly satisfying. Hate those stupid things.

If anyone wants to try out the Drafts-based composer I mentioned, you can download it here. Note that this is entirely ripped off from my friend Tim Nahumck. He built a Fancy Tweet action that I modified for this. Read Tim’s latest Drafts Review at MacStories here.

It works!

A friend of mine wrote a fancy tweet composer for Drafts. I’m trying to adapt it to

My break from the news is going to be tested severely by the debate tonight.

I’ve had to restart my phone multiple times per day since iOS 14 came out. That seems really kinda not great. 14.0.1 didn’t fix anything, either.

I will be attempting to install a few GFCI outlets in our 80+ year-old house this weekend.


A long distance move is great for keeping yourself from doomscrolling the news.

It’d be cool if the pandemic led to people putting away their cell phones at concerts when concerts are a thing again.

Just be there in the moment. Stop recording everything and actually experience something.

These are the future fascist paramilitary participants and their ushers. Take them seriously.…

My oldest now refers to Sting as “Commissioner Gordon.”

Feels like a parenting win.

Jeff Van Drew switched from Dem to GOP. His opponent, Amy Kennedy, should pound his turncoat ass into the ground. Help her do so by donating:

I just gave her $15. Anyone want to match me?

Elise Stefanik is, and always will be, human garbage.

Elise Stefanik is human garbage.

You can donate to her opponent, Tedra Cobb:

Please do!