Dudes: if you use a non-gendered bathroom, put the goddamned seat down. And FFS learn how to aim.

No one else I know is watching The Boys and I really want to discuss Homelander but no one will get it.

Karl Urban as Wolverine. I’m calling it now.

Patrick Stewart was too good for Star Trek.

(I am drinking a warm märzen.)

Unpopular (US) opinion: you can tell a märzen was done right if you can drink it warm and it’s delicious.

It’s National Beer Lover’s Day! 🎉🍻

If I worked for NOAA, I would quit today.

I received a pre-production Tom Bihn Synik 22 earlier this week.

AMA, I guess?

I’m using NetNewsWire on my Mac and what year is it?

Kid: “Why is this man so mad?” Me: “Well, kiddo. Settle in for a history lesson.”

Every time we play Rage Against the Machine.

The fact that a grifter is making his bid for the 2020 election tonight at, of all places, the Amway Center, is too delicious to comprehend.

I’m about to spend 9 hours in a train that has free WiFi. Kids are at home. I have no idea what to do.

Tonight our kids are learning that when pizza’s on a bagel you can have pizza anytime.

What is this sorcery?!

It’s such a bummer when someone you follow on Instagram starts hocking some bullshit product that’s completely unrelated to your interests and theirs. It’s. ahem SAD!

That trailer for the new Zelda game. 😍

I’m very happy that my kids love vegetables and that I don’t have to coerce them into making healthy choices. That feels like a win. Almost every dinner we’ve had in the last 2 weeks has been vegetarian, and they’ve loved it.


Rewatching Leverage. What a good show. There are so many different ways it could have been ruined, but it wasn’t.

“Leave the tiny bats alone!” - a thing I just had to say to my dog

The third episode of Bee and Puppycat is really disturbing. The child named Cardamom says her mom is “still sleeping” and that she’s Bee’s “new landlord.”

Her mom is totally dead.

I tried a broccoli crust pizza tonight and I’m sold. That was delicious.

It’s decaf.

Part of tonight’s dinner. 😍