Superb is one of those words that sounds more and more weird the more times you read it.




See? Now I hate it. It’s a nonsense word.

My kids have taught me the true definition of selective hearing.

Second cup of super-dark, murky coffee. ☕

…gonna need a third, I think.

True fact: I only shave my neck because I’m horribly lazy. The beard isn’t the point; the laziness is.

I can’t believe someone was able to convince Apple’s design team to bring back the hardware ESC key and the inverted-T arrows. That’s practically enough to sell me on the 16” model, but I’m gonna hold out for a revised 13”.

The streets in our neighborhood are sheets of ice. The kids wanted to stay home again today. Kinda wish I had let them. Almost couldn’t drive back into our neighborhood because of an ice-coated hill. 😬

I bet you could find a good Simpsons clip/quote for every Microblogvember prompt. Example:

Don’t touch my stuff!

Don’t tell me boys don’t wear certain colors. That’s a bunch of bullshit.

Me: “Check out these purple shoes!”

Youngest daughter: “Boys don’t wear purple!”

Me: “Oh yeah?” [smacks the Order with Apple Pay button] “Whoever told you that is full of crap and now I own purple shoes so there.”

I wonder if Picard is going to open with a similar “Space, the final frontier” monologue.

It’s 36° here right now. We have a high on Monday of 33°, and it’s already supposed to snow a second time. It shouldn’t be this cold before Thanksgiving.

Nothing distracts my kids when we’re playing Zelda like a falling star. They absolutely insist on chasing it down.

Riffing on @mrbeefy’s post: the most frightening movie monster from my childhood was the tree outside the little boy’s room in Poltergeist.

I’ve managed to make this Microblogvember thing stick so far.

Okay, that was lame. Apologies.

Been using the AirPods Pro for a few days, and I agree with the other reviews: turn off ANC when you’re walking down the street. It’s so good it’s dangerous.

Catalyst apps are by no means perfect, but they’re a decent start. (Mostly.)

Icro for the Mac is really nice! I know it’s heretical to say this, but I’m enjoying the Catalyst apps I’ve tried so far.

“This is a non-Newtonian fluid.”

“What does that mean?”

I showed my kids what ooblek is last night and they enjoyed it way more than I imagined they would.

Listened to an episode of Back to Work for the first time in ages, and I still find the banter entertaining. Good discussion about the state of Apple’s software and how it needs to improve.

Jony Ive is good, but even he can’t make shoving things in your ears at least not marginally gross.

Got a babysitter last night and went on a date night. Had fancy tacos at a place downtown and lamented how small the city is that we live in. Wanting something bigger with fancier tacos.

I feel lucky that last night’s dinner fire didn’t leave a mark. Save for accidentally dropping a hotdog in a camp fire, I’ve never caught food on fire before.

I burned dinner. It was in the oven unattended and caught on fire, I guess? The oven locked itself. Our youngest daughter walked into the kitchen and declared, “It’s blurry in here!” Whoops.

I hate carrying keys. HATE IT. I can’t wait for the day when technology replaces keys altogether.

People who post TikTok videos on Instagram are like modern versions of people who email meme images in a Word doc.