“Wearing a mask makes me look less manly!”

Okay then. Guess the meek shall inherit the Earth after you die, manly man.


Serious craving for Thirsty Bear in San Francisco. Their patatas bravas–so good. Ugh.

“Be KIND to yourself.”

Thanks, KIND Bars! I was totally gonna drain several pints of blood from myself tonight, but after seeing your inspirational ad, I’m gonna opt to just watch some Netflix and eat ice cream. Hooray!

I expected to study science as an adult, but I never expected to understand quite so much about rates of transmission, viral spread, and I absolutely never expected to demonstrate to my kids how viruses won’t stick to you using bubbles and airflow.

Glory to Glorzo.

Lunch: leftover chili and southwest cornbread.

“Okay, kids. That concludes today’s lesson of The History of Guns n’ Roses.”

It’s 2020 and people still take Nate Silver seriously.

I spent some time digging into Alpine.js and I still can’t decide if I love it or hate it. There’s some stuff that’s really great (simplicity), but there’s a lot that goes against decades of web development (inlining JS with your HTML).

LOL some people still think Susan Collins isn’t a jackass. Bless your simple hearts.

On a FaceTime call with friends tonight, one was wearing a heating pad with straps so you can wrap it around you and I love this and my god I’m so old when did this happen

Anyone have any good recommendations for ES6 books?

The dentist’s office called to reschedule our kids’ appointments that were canceled because of the stay at home order, which has now been prematurely lifted in our state.

LOL nope.

Back to throwing commands at a terminal window today for the first time in a bit. Feels good, man.

Nutmeg says hi. She needs a bath. Don’t judge me.

(Pretty excited about helping my dog see again. Sorry.)


13” MacBook Pro, or wait for ARM Macs? πŸ€”

Kielbasa fried rice. If we could have one dish serve as an avatar of the epidemic, could it be this?


We’ve got homemade chicken tikka masala simmering in the slow cooker. Our house smells amazing. πŸ‘ƒ

I wish CARROT Weather would let you share an animated GIF of the current radar loop.

That 13” MacBook Pro is tempting. I find the 16” too large. It’s like a battleship when what I want is a skiff.

Post-picnic, lying down, staring at the trees.

Worf saying “they’ve adapted” is still legit terrifying.

LMAO at everyone giving themselves haircuts.

JUST GROW IT OUT. It’ll be awesome. A nation of hippies. Join me!