Contains: Soy

It was already using Tailwind and Hotwire, so conversion was pretty easy. So glad to be done with Webpacker/Node. Never wanted or needed either. Less JS = ❤️

I ported a little hobby app from Rails 6 to 7 today. So many needless dependencies tossed aside. I love it.

Also updating the firmware on my NAS because why not?

Spending part of Christmas Day doing what every normal Ruby user does: installing the latest release.

When I grow up, I want to be able to swear like Bruce Willis.

Make fists with your toes.

Happy holidays, folks! Hope you and yours are well after this tumultuous year.

If I could pay a small amount of money to ensure I don’t see Mariah Carey’s face or hear her voice around the holidays, I would do it.

Yes, I strip EXIF data for OPSEC. 💅🏻

We made latkes today and they were FANTASTIC.

These are two super helpful gestures that seemingly no one knows about.

Oh, holiday tip for those who visit family. Show old folks how to swipe between apps by swiping on the bar at the bottom of the iPhone’s screen. Or show them how to swipe between tabs in Safari by …

I would adopt Snowflake.

2,600 people died from COVID today and everyone’s like, “LOL could be worse!” This country is sick.

I guess it says something about my age when I pull up a music video on YouTube and it’s preceded by an ad about ulcerative colitis.

Virtual school canceled due to possible ice-related power outages. Huh. [checks emergency supplies] Uh oh.

Noticed over the last month or so that the nerds I follow are starting to talk more about nerd things like computers and programming. I wonder what happened! /s

LMAO at people watching the impeachment trial expecting a conviction. You people have learned nothing.

Only one person looks good in aviators and that’s Tom Cruise. No exceptions.

The fact that they’re called “stimulus checks” tells you all you need to know about what our government really cares about. They don’t care about you. They just want you to spend money to prop up the …

What if, instead of calling them stimulus checks, we called them something more appropriate? How about “apology checks?” “Sorry we screwed up the COVID response. Here’s some money.”

Virtual school tomorrow was just canceled because it snowed today. I am very torn about this decision.

Every app should endeavor to be as visually pleasing as Carrot Weather 5. It’s just gorgeous.

If you had told younger-me who was at a Static-X concert back in 2000 that I’d be listening to their first album while doing dishes and waiting for my kids to finish eating, I would have called you …

Carrot Weather 5 is a fantastic example of what happens when you pay a programmer to continue updating their software. What an amazing update.