America is the apex predator of colonialism.

Replace the faces on Mount Rushmore with the faces of winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Someone photoshop this. Please.

If you routinely post threads of 5+ tweets, I humbly suggest you GET A FUCKING BLOG.

So Tired by Nine Inch Nails…

“Were there any croutons?”

“Not that I could ascertain.”

I grew up in rural Texas. I went through Texas history (multiple times) and American history. I took two US history courses in college. I never learned about what happened in Tulsa in 1921. Disgraceful.

I have questions for anyone who still thinks Trump would be better than Clinton right now.

Help! Someone recommend a movie that came out in the last two years that was both dumb and fun.

I will never tire of watching confederate monuments being taken down. Never.

Somewhere in Silicon Valley, some jackass is trying to figure out how to stop a pandemic using javascript.

I do not recommend searching Twitter for the phrase “this is about control.”

There are a lot of people on Twitter who really need professional help.


SNL knew.


Today’s goal: overused the hell out of the 🥴 emoji.

I tried Fantastical again when they added that join-meeting feature. It failed utterly. I got stuck in a crash loop on all three of my devices when I tried to log in.

Just tried again today, though, and it works! This is perfect.

I want a utility that sits in the menu bar of my Mac and shows me my upcoming Zoom/Google Hangout meetings with one-click access to launch the meeting. Bonus points if it pops a clickable notification a minute or two before the meeting.

The DCU is garbage.

I still do not understand the House or Ninja.

Someone help.

Kinda wondering who Trump is gonna fire tonight.

I sent my wife an email from Hey today.

Gmail flagged the incoming message with a huge scary red banner saying it was potentially dangerous.

Kinda anticompetitive, no?


Does anyone know of a RailsCasts- or GoRails-style series of tutorials about Swift and SwiftUI?

I am having A Day™.

Our 5-year-old is obsessed–absolutely obsessed–with mouse cursors. Moving them around, selecting things, clicking stuff, highlighting text. Then she saw the cursor on the iPad and 🤯