Contains: Soy

I just nuked my Home Screen on my iPhone and went all-in on the App Library. This feels bad for some reason.

I miss live music.

Walked into my office and Fade to Black by Metallica was playing. I didn’t do that. No one else did. As the kids say, I ain’t mad at it, though.

I just imported 4.3 million rows from a CSV file into Postgres in under 30 seconds. I don’t even care if it could be faster. Let me have this victory.

If you’re watching Josh Hawley and wondering, “WTF?” It’s pretty simple: he’s trying to pick up the reins that Trump just dropped. If he doesn’t run in 2024, I’ll be shocked.

24 hours.

It has been exactly one year since my last haircut.

First time in more than 15 years that my hair is long enough to put in a pony tail. Used one of my kid’s scrunchies. I cannot tell you how good it feels to have my hair off my neck.

Merino wool is a rip off do not @ me

I spent some time today reconnecting Day One to my blog and to Twitter after reading how @patrickrhone auto-journals. It works so well.

Neat. Late afternoon coffee now causes me heartburn. Being over 40 is GLORIOUS.

‘Bout to have a cup of fully leaded coffee at 4:30 pm what could possibly go wrong

Everybody wants to edit Trump out of Home Alone 2 but no one wants to edit him out of Bobby Brown’s video for On Our Own smdh

I’m bad at math, but I’m pretty sure $1,400 is less than $2,000. Way to cave, Joe!

Looks like tough-guy Chad Wolf is a big ol’ quitter. Bye, Chad.

After a lot of work, I have finally managed to use CloudFront and OpsWorks to set up two servers running a Rails app on a private subnet behind a bastion server with RDS as a database and a load …

Anyone else feel like staying up until midnight to watch Parler drop offline?

Screen time was up 26% over last week. I wonder why. 😅

I was checked on my call to declare MAGA and Qanon “terrorist organizations.” It’s far more accurate to call them “white supremacist organizations.” Let’s run with that.

Given their role at the Capitol, could we also call Qanon a terrorist group? These folks fit the description.

Can we start referring to MAGA as a terrorist organization now?

New reading material.

“Harmless White fun is Black lawlessness.” - Ibram X. Kendi

Whatever typeface Trump’s campaign used for all of its signage needs to be retired and looked upon by the design community as a symbol of hate not unlike the swastika.

Reminder that the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers once had Trump thrown out of his private box because he wanted to watch the game and Trump wouldn’t shut up.